Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Adnan Gharifi: A Voice who Spoke for Ahwazis

  Adnan Gharifi and the Place of Ahwazi Arab Writer in the Other’s Rhetoric  In bidding farewell to celebrated writers, poets, translators, critics, media figures and...

Mina Deris: Ahwazi Arab Musical Ambassador for Freedom 

When listening to the voice of Ahwazi female singer Mina Deris, you quickly feel the wonderful, authentic and strong voice, which always has an...

Zara Mary Chassib Jaber: English actress and Ahwazi Princess

The regal connection of a very British-sounding actress to the occupied Ahwazi Arab emirate in the south and southwest of Iran may come as...

Amal Cultural Troupe debuts new song urging young Ahwazis to choose empowerment through education

An Ahwazi Arab female cultural troupe received enthusiastic applause for their bilingual performance in Arabic and English, in a concert on Friday (31 March)....


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