Monday, March 27, 2023

Ahwazi prisoner dies in Iranian regime prison after staff refuse medical treatment

Another Ahwazi prisoner died in an Iranian regime prison last week after prison officials refused to allow the seriously ill man medical treatment.  Mehdi (Zia)...

Iranian forces shoot 3 Ahwazi fishermen dead in latest extrajudicial killing

Iranian naval border forces reportedly shot and killed three Ahwazi Arab fishermen on Saturday, 27 August, while the men were fishing in a local...

DIRS – Shining a Light on Ahwaz

With a great history stretching back to the dawn of human civilisation, Ahwaz which runs from the Iraqi border down the right-hand side of...

Ahwazis issue urgent plea for aid, with millions at risk as flooding overwhelms the region

Massive and torrential flooding is causing scenes of Biblical suffering in the Ahwaz region in Iran, with an estimated two million people forced to...


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