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Iranian police forces kill a young Ahwazi man by shooting him in the head

 A young Ahwazi Arab man was killed by Iranian regime police, who shot him in the head, in the regional capital, Ahwaz, on Wednesday, 22...

Iran’s Economy of Exploitation: How Iran’s Colonial Policies Led to Demographic Alteration of Ahwaz

Introduction The Ahwaz region of south and southwest Iran is beset by multiple crises, leading to regular protests. The long-suffering Ahwazis have become full to...

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 As Protests Escalate, Iran’s Ethnic Minorities Fight Multifaceted Oppression, Racism and Propaganda

Ethnic Minorities are Facing Massacres in the Iran Protests    As...

How Iran Uses Securitisation to Impede the Ahwazis’ Pursuit of Freedom

Several days ago, 20 August marked the 34th anniversary...





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Toxic pollution from Howeyzeh refinery chokes the life out of rural Ahwazi community

After the Iranian regime’s intensive oil and gas drilling in the Howeyzeh area in the Ahwaz region poisoned and destroyed the once-fertile Hor al-Azim...

Iran’s Regime Prepares to Execute Six More Ahwazi Innocents

The Iranian regime's Supreme Court upheld the convictions against six Ahwazi men sentenced to death following a grotesque kangaroo trial, with Amnesty International warning...

Murdered by Iran as the West Stood By: How the World Betrayed Habib Chaab

  The official date of Habib Chaab's death was Saturday, 06 May 2023, when he was hanged in Iran's infamous Evin Prison. Unofficially, it was 09 October...

 Habib Chaab Executed: Another Murder by Iran’s Regime

Iran’s regime today executed Ahwazi Arab dissident Habib Chaab, a Swedish citizen, in the regime’s infamous Evin Prison in Tehran by hanging him. News...

Mina Deris: Ahwazi Arab Musical Ambassador for Freedom 

When listening to the voice of Ahwazi female singer Mina Deris, you quickly feel the wonderful, authentic and strong voice, which always has an...

Zara Mary Chassib Jaber: English actress and Ahwazi Princess

The regal connection of a very British-sounding actress to the occupied Ahwazi Arab emirate in the south and southwest of Iran may come as...

Ahwazi children’s horrendous deaths symbolise the regime’s neglect and indifference

Another Ahwazi child drowns in raw sewage due to the Iranian regime’s shocking negligence A seven-year-old Ahwazi Arab boy drowned in a horrific accident on...


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