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Iranian police forces kill a young Ahwazi man by shooting him in the head

 A young Ahwazi Arab man was killed by Iranian regime police, who shot him in the head, in the regional capital, Ahwaz, on Wednesday, 22...

Iran’s Economy of Exploitation: How Iran’s Colonial Policies Led to Demographic Alteration of Ahwaz

Introduction The Ahwaz region of south and southwest Iran is beset by multiple crises, leading to regular protests. The long-suffering Ahwazis have become full to...

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 As Protests Escalate, Iran’s Ethnic Minorities Fight Multifaceted Oppression, Racism and Propaganda

Ethnic Minorities are Facing Massacres in the Iran Protests    As...

How Iran Uses Securitisation to Impede the Ahwazis’ Pursuit of Freedom

Several days ago, 20 August marked the 34th anniversary...





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Ending Iran’s Systemic Violation of South Azerbaijani Women’s Rights Needs Real International Support

The shocking mass poisoning of schoolgirls in Iran has caused an unprecedented human rights scandal, generating widespread concern both domestically and internationally. Between November...

  Ahwazis, Silenced Twice Over, by Iran’s Securitisation & the World’s Indifference

  How Iran Got Away with Ethnic Oppression for a Century by Colonising and Securitising Ahwazis   Introduction   Silence is not mere passivity. People, individually or collectively, are...

44 Years On Iran’s Carnage: Ahwazi Arabs Victims Continue to Cry Out for Justice

44 years on the massacre of Muhammarah city in the Ahwaz region  30 May marks the sombre annual anniversary of one of the Iranian regime’s...

State neglect and ethnic oppression lead to rising suicide rate among young Ahwazis

Reports received by Ahwazi human rights groups indicate that an Ahwazi Arab young man, Tariq Khalidi, 27 years old, who worked as a security...

Iranian regime forces free to ‘fire at will’ to kill the innocent and terrorise Ahwazis into silence

A young Ahwazi farmer from Susa city named Fallah Soleimani was shot dead by Iranian regime security forces at around dawn on Wednesday, 17...

  Gotvand Dam: Environmental Catastrophe and Human Tragedy in Ahwaz Region  Ahwazi agricultural lands will turn into barren, saline lands within the next ten years, with four million hectares of Ahwazi Arab farmlands at risk of...


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